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Adding a QCTP to a 9×20 Lathe

It took me a while to find much information on this, so I’m paying it forward to hopefully make it more likely that the information finds its way to someone who needs it! If you’re fairly new to machining, I’m going to discuss toolposts in general a little bit. If you just want to see the 9×20 process, feel free to skip below!

What is a QCTP?

A QCTP, or Quick Change Tool Post, is a type of toolpost for a machine lathe which, as the name implies, allows for much faster tool changes than traditional lantern or turret type toolposts.

Four way turret toolpost
Four way turret toolpost boring out the stainless NN-14 barrel

It’s a pretty standard upgrade for most lathes which are used in any kind of production capacity, since the ability to move through a rapid sequence of tooling allows for efficient machining of multiple identical parts.

There are two main types of QCTP that tend to be used: two position “Aloris”, and 40 position “Swiss-type” or “Multifix” styles. The US tends to use the two position, and Europe the 40-position, though that’s not an absolute. They all use a lever that cam-locks a variety of toolholders in position against a post which dictates the angle they’re at.

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