Revamping The Shop!

So I don’t know how well it may have come across on video, I generally tried to frame somewhat carefully, but the shop as it existed from around the middle of 2015 onwards was a nightmare. Stuff- tools, materials, trash…- strewn across every available flat surface, including the floor, piled up against benches and walls, some bench tools on the floor… Working in it was like playing Jenga in a hurricane.

So, this summer I made good on my threats to actually do something about it, and put a good couple weeks’ of effort into really turning the space into something useable. It’s a huge amount of work, and really has to be broken down into two phases, but the first phase (create more workspace, clear most of the floor, give all the tools a permanent home) is now more or less complete.

I did what was supposed to be a quick video giving something vaguely resembling a tour:

Here are a few pics of where it currently stands:


Super happy how the clamp rack worked out. Easy to remove and put back, irrespective of bar location.


The glues’n’fillers are gonna have to go on one of the shelving units until I can build that rolling cart in Shop Revamp Stage II.


That Horror Freight grinder is trash, I’mma dismantle it and use the motor. The junk on the floor obviously needs to shuffle over a little if possible.


PC and electronics bench. These will likely largely live together- programming Arduinos ‘n’ stuff, y’know.


The little machining space.


How much do you think about your workspace and how it affects your psyche, workflow, efficiency, etc? It’s been something I’ve thought about increasingly as various actions- hunting down a missing tool being a prime example, but even more accepted parts of workflow- seem increasingly slow and inefficient.

Creators in the 21st century have to not only be whatever they are, but also marketers, accountants, filmmakers, TV presenters, video editors, writers, designers, etc etc… All simultaneously! Anything that helps shave some time anywhere in the whirlwind helps retain some semblance of sanity, and a lot of the process really seems to be based on pre-existing retail standards rather than individualised needs based on an analysis of workflow. So, time to deconstruct that!

Back to work,


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